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gAPT has a longstanding tradition of providing articles and book reviews on  a variety of play therapy related subjects.  Such materials have appeared regularly in our newsletter playnotes. all of those past articles and reviews are included below and/or on the companion Book Reviews and articles for parents.  we believe that our website offers us an opportunity to gather and house such materials on a much broader scale.  we believe this will benefit practitioners, parents, play therapy students, and the general public. 


therefore, we have asked major writers on play therapy to allow us to add their writings to this page and we expect to substantially enhance this library.  we will keep you posted via email when new additions are added.  if a given article appears below with a yellow background, it is because it has been isolated with other articles on the same subject.


we would appreciate your input since you will be the primary user.  please give us your input with suggestions as to how we can enhance the library.  an email to would be appreciated at any time.


articles On Play Therapy appear immediately below

for articles on sandtray   click here

for book reviews click here

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articles about play therapy


superheroes in the playroom

by larry rubin


play therapy: how does that work anyway?

by john holmberg and

Helen benedict

anger management for elementary school children by larry higdon click here

 play therapy in the schools by Joanna white, kay draper, mary flynt, and nancy pittard jones click here

 play counseling in schools by rise van fleet click here


one quiet hour

(newspaper article)

by greg moffatt


for a list of articles authored or co-authored by joanna white at georgia state university click here.  note that these articles are available at the university library and most likely at any library that has an inventory of play therapy materials.


book reading list

from play therapy International

click for

most read play therapy books


book reviews


an introduction to play therapy

by david alexander


Childhood depression hidden by a variety of symptoms

by trudy post sprunk


adlerian play therapy

by gayle van der smissen


how do you hook em? (or doing consultation with parents of play therapy clients, adlerian style)

by terry kottman


expressive play therapy for helping traumatized children

by marie jose dhaese

part 1  Part 2 and part 3


 the parent corner

by jason snow


initial interviews

by greg moffat


creating an identity shield

by joyce mills


the bear technique

by tammy stoner


play; a foundation of the parent-child relationship

by laura davenport


Changing a teacher's perspective toward children

by d. lyin cousineau click here


exemplification of the classic nature of axline's eight basic principles

by emily oe


Diversity 101 by stella kerl


30 Ways to become a

Better Play Therapist

Garry Landreth, Charles Schaefer,

and Louise Guerney Click Here


Assessment and its role in the

play therapy process

by lynda schmaljohn click here


a marriage of opposites: towards an integration of jungian play therapy and family therapy

by mary ann pare and john allen

click here


case in point: understanding the value of action figures for kids

by phyllis schadler click here


The Efficacy of play therapy and filial therapy with children: summary of the meta-analytic findings


sue bratton and tammy rhine


a child centered view of children

by garry landreth


Filial therapy with incarcerated fathers: effects on parental acceptance of child, parental stress, and child adjustment

By Garry Landreth  Click Here


Play therapy with the aDHD child: lessons learned


aDHD research: implications for therapists who work with children

by daniel h yeager

click here


skill building with the aDHD child: an invitation for parents

by daniel h. yeager

click here


fishing for feelings

by daniel h. yeager

click here


Culturally Sensitive Issues in Play Therapy with Islamic Arab Americans

by Karla D. Carmichael click here


play therapy with special populations

by karla carmichael


gAPT'S List of books on play therapy

click here


approaches to play therapy

by anne stewart click here


a history of play therapy

from the British assn.

of play therapists

click here


dr seuss meets dr dedomenico

by marilyn mahavee-harris


enhancing self-esteem through the use of play therapy

by diane frey


the power of the play

therapy room

by karen poynor


play therapy is serious fun

by karen poynor


art in psychotherapy

by patty gregory


cooperative parenting after divorce

by ann marie termini and susan boyan


play therapy behaviors of sexually abused children

by linda homeyer


metaphor, meaning, and movement

by carol norton


play therapy questions

by sandra frick-helms


managing profanity in play therapy

by sandra frick-helms


how does a client-centered play therapist handle revelations of abuse and similar issues?

by sandra frick-helms


how does a play therapist combine directive and non-directive play therapy approaches?

by sandra frick-helms


Beginners Guide to Becoming a

Registered Play Therapist
By Anne Koenig  Click here

music in the playroom

by jane l. johnson


an interview with eliana gil

by the new york play therapy association

click here

articles about SANDTRAY


by victoria mc guinness


the sandtray video bibliography:

views of sandplay

by gisela dedomenico

click here


mythprints in the sand: comparing the

mythographical approaches of sandplay and


by maila taylor davenport

click here


spirit totems for sandplay and healing

by gail danching

click here


voices from the past: john hood-williams and the sandtray selection and commentary

by gisela dedomenico

click here


group sandplay on

September 11-12, 2001.  

using sandtray-worldplay to work

with the trauma of the day

by gisela dedomenico

click here


 the sand tray-a bridge between courtship and marriage

by mary ann drake


introducing sandtray-worldplay: the story of an adult sandplay group ritual

by gisela dedomenico


expanded visions: reflection about the multi dimensional uses of sandtray-worldplay™

by gisela dedomenico


 questions and answers

with gisela dedomenico


suggested reading list on sandtray

from trudy post sprunk click here


commemorating life's passage:

the healing potential of the group sandtray

by bobbi schear

click here


playing to learn:  sandplay in pre-school education

reviewed by jill shira buice

click here


shopping guide for sandtray-worldplayminiatures

by gisela dedomenico

click here


introducing a sandtray-worldplay:

the story of a group sandplay ritual

by gisela dedomenico

click here


articles on sandtray

from the sandtray network

click here


sandplay therapy

by lauren cunningham


the use of sand tray therapy with adolescent males who were sexually abused as children

by ron delay


Family sandplay therapy

Pages 1-2   pages 3-4   pages 5-6

by lois carey


the legacy of margaret lowenfeld by gisela dedomenico


what is in a name?

by gisela dedomenico


transference and counter-transference

in sandplay click

by harriet friedmand and

rie rogers mitchell click here


influence of age and gender on

sandplay creations

by harriet friedman click here

reviews of books to be used in play therapy

February 2010

issue of aPT's

mining report

a-z mining tips

for supervisors

by trudy post sprunk

click here


 The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog and other stories from a Child Psychiatrist’s Notebook

by bruce perry  and Maia Szalavitz

click here


the indigo children

by lee carroll and jan tober


tell me again about

the night i was born

by jamie lee curtis

click here


when sophie gets angry--really, really angry

by molly bang


i hate you! i like you!

by tomek bogacki

click here


sandplay silent workshop of the psyche

by kay broadway and barbara mccoard


tears of joy

by barbara behm


big mouth and ugly girl

by joyce carol oates


oceans of emotions

by nicole and john clark


love is a family

by roma downey


when eric's mom fought cancer

by judith vigna click here


i miss you, stinky face

by lisa mccourt


 paper tolls and paper airplanes; therapeutic exercises for sexually traumatized children

by geraldine crisic, marilynn lay, and liana lowenstein


storm boy

by paul lewis


liplap's wish

by jonathan london

and sylvia long click here


charlie anderson

by barbara abercrombie


robert lives with his grandparents

by martha hickman


starbright and moon-bean

(two books)

by maureen garth click here


jake's journey

by lisa holland click here


sometimes i worry

by alan gross


each breath a smile

by sister susan


play therapy with children in crisis

 a casebook for practitioners

by nancy boyd webb


a visit to the big house

by oliver butterworth


mommy and daddy are fighting

by susan paris


a boy and a bear

by lori lite


dinosaurs divorce

by laurene and marc brown


sad days, glad days,

a story about depression

by dewitt hamilton


little flower a journey of caring

by laura mcandrew click here


painting  the fire

by Jonathan Sherwood and liz farrington


after the funeral

by jan winsch


feelings inside you and outloud too

by barbara polland


jessica and the wolf

A story for children

who have bad dreams

by ted lobby


hazel's healthy halloween

by kathryn meyrick click here


the let's talk library series

click here


when someone dies

by sharon greenlee


a promise is a promise

by robert munch and michael kusugak


no, david

by david shannon click here


the education of little tree

by forrest carter


angel in blue

the story of ashley martin

written by 5th grade students of smith road elementary school in

temperance, Michigan


chapter review of

innovations in play therapy

by garry landreth

click here


When Dinosaurs Die

By Laurie Krasny Brown and

Marc Brown


do not tell a whooper on Friday

by adolph moser



other essential materials

relating to play therapy


the world of play

therapy literature

The definitive guide to the subjects

and authors in the field 3rd edition

this book is about 260 pages and lists several thousand articles on play therapy.   if you are doing research or study in play therapy, you must own this book. most of the articles are available from the library at the university of north Texas for a nominal charge.  there is an order form at the end of the book.  to order the book check at


trudy post sprunk has prepared lists of suggested reading.  these lists are suitable and have been divided into professional and non-professional sections so they can be used by either.


suggested reading list on

death  click here

suggested reading list on

adoption  click here

suggested reading list on

divorce  click here                                                    





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